Why Choose Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a format of therapy whereby a small group of people who are experiencing similar issues meet with a therapist. In group therapy, individuals share personal experiences related to the topic of the group (i.e., social skills, social anxiety, grief, parenting issues). Support is provided by the therapist using a focused agenda of discussing a particular theme, issue, or skill directly related to the topic. Then group members observe the therapist model a skill used to address a facet of the topic, and allow the group members participate in practicing the skill. Participants are provided positive and corrective feedback by the group in order to strengthen the execution of the skill. Members then discuss where, when, and with whom to practice the skill outside of the therapy session. Furthermore, once the group session has ended, members try-out the skill at home, work, school, and/or the community and experience what happens. At the following session, group members share what occurred when practicing and performing the skill while the group attends, provides encouragement and feedback, and helps to problem solve any issues that may have been encountered.