Florida Psychological Center conducts independent evaluations. Independent evaluations are performed without bias (i.e., are conducted independent of the financially responsible party's desired outcome) and are designed to answer relevant questions while maintaining a neutral stance. Types of independent evaluations include:

  • Educational Program Evaluations. Independent educational program evaluations examine a student's educational program or placement in relation to the student's strengths and needs.

  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs). FBAs are assessments of problem behavior that may be impacting a student's education. FBAs assist in determining if a behavior intervention plan (BIP) is warranted and, if warranted, identifying behavior targets (both to decrease problematic and increase appropriate behavior) and supports for a student to be successful. 

  • Record Reviews and Analyses. Review and evaluation of records involve the examination and analyses of individual educational programs (IEPs), FBAs, BIPs, and/or Psychological/Psychoeducational Evaluations. 

  • Please note that Florida Psychological Center does not conduct child custody evaluations.