Choosing a Psychotherapist

An important part of finding a psychotherapist is finding one that you are comfortable working with. Unfortunately, this is difficult to determine based on an initial phone conversation or perusing a website. Often this determination is made during an initial session in which you meet with a psychotherapist and disclose what you are experiencing. 

When screening potential psychotherapists, a couple of factors can help save you time and energy. First, if you elect to attend an initial session, gauge your comfort. You will be working with this professional closely. You may encounter discomfort in disclosing and addressing obstacles in your life, but if you are at ease with the provider and can see yourself as having alliance with the psychotherapist, this foundational piece can go along way. 

Second, ask if they have knowledge and experience in successfully addressing the reason you are coming into therapy. Ensure that what concerns you can be addressed by the psychotherapist. 

Third, asking about their approach in helping you goes along with their experience in treating what you are going through. There are many approaches or theories of psychotherapy ranging from psychoanalysis to behavior therapy. Some types of therapy place an emphasis on your past experiences, and these are likely to involve talking about these past events in order to "work through" the reactions they cause. Other types are more focused on how you think or behave right now. Which will be best for you depends on your concerns, goals, and personality. 

When choosing a psychotherapist in Melbourne, FL it is helpful to weigh these three factors as they have an impact on your time, energy, and resources.

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