What is a school psychologist?

​A school psychologist is a professional certified by the State Department of Education who provides a wide range of services in school settings. Certified school psychologists wear many hats: they conduct psychoeducational evaluations used in determining eligibility for Exceptional Student Education (ESE or Special Education) programs, deliver workshops and trainings to school and district staff, are deployed to school crises, and may see students for individual and group therapy. School psychologists serve as members of problem solving teams with parents, administers, and school staff to intervene on academic, and social-emotional and behavioral issues, as well as collaborate with school district level officials on important student prevention and intervention programs. A school psychologist is an exceptional resource to schools. 

If you are considering a licensed psychologist to help support your child, it may be beneficial to find one with experience as a school psychologist, including one that has experience within the school district your child is attending. Having knowledge of the school district allows the psychologist to help you and your child understand and navigate the complexities of the school system.