Is There a Therapist Near Me?

Whether you will have luck searching for a "therapist near me" depends mostly on where you live. In small towns, it may be likely that you will need to drive to a larger town or city to find services. However, if live in the Melbourne, FL area you have options.

One of the options is Florida Psychological Center PLLC. At Florida Psychological Center PLLC, we offer many services, including psychotherapy, group therapy, and evaluations. We work with older children, teens, and adults to help with a variety of issues. The center offers some unique services, like training in positive parenting and consultations for work and school. This makes it a convenient destination for people who are looking into one or more psychological services.

If you are not living in Melbourne, FL area, you may decide to choose our center instead of looking for a "therapist near me." We welcome you no matter where you are driving from.